About Us

DC-GAP ltd was established in 2009 in Cyprus, and is considered as a SME company.

The company has strategic partnership with various local and international companies and can provide support and consultancy for various projects assigned to one of its strategic partners in various fields.

DC-GAP ltd has establish various partnerships such as: Alpha Group in Cyprus, Current Cost, Scaleforce , Jelastic International, Primetel PLC Cyprus, Engineering and Constructing Companies , Multitech, Bionic , Digital Agencies and Video Delivery companies, and other small enterprises specialised in various sectors such as Energy, ICT, Consulting Services, Electrical and Mechanical Studies, Video Steaming Services, Blockchain technology and much more.

In addition the company is focusing on Digitalaization of Energy Sector. One of the major targets is the Internet of things and Big Data.

DC-GAP ltd is providing consultancy on EU and National Funding Projects from 2010 till today